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xp4 rear view  Tim Cottingham 1993 f1 xp4 front  Tim Cottingham 1993 xp4 front  Tim Cottingham 1993
This was the very first view that I ever got of a road going F1, at the Coys Historic Festival, Silverstone, in 1993. This is prototype XP4 and visibly differs slightly from the production cars with the absence of side lights with the front indicators, and a different design of rear light.
xp4  Tim Cottingham 1993

Red and Blue F1's  Tim Cottingham 1995 At Coys Festival in 1995, McLaren brought two production F1's to display as well as the race winning GTR cars.

f1 side view  Tim Cottingham 1995
f1 xp5  Tim Cottingham 1998 f1 rear lights  Tim Cottingham 1999 f1 and bentley  Tim Cottingham 1995
Shots of XP5 and another production car, taken around the paddock of Silverstone racing circuit.

f1 wheel  Tim Cottingham 1995 f1 nose  Tim Cottingham 1995 f1 rear  Tim Cottingham 1995
f1 side  Tim Cottingham 1995 f1 nose  Tim Cottingham 1995
This silver car was photographed through the windows of the McLaren Cars Showroom on Park Lane in London on a rainy Sunday in February. Considering this, I'm really pleased with them.
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